Penis Ring Pop
Traditional Pecker Ring Pop

We sell a few different penis lollipops, but the Edible Penis Ring Lollipop is my favorite. This lollipop design remedies a lot of problems that the Lusty Lickers pops have. First, the flavors that this pop comes in are better. It comes in Grape, Cherry, and Strawberry flavors vs. strange flavors like Pina Colada and Orange. Another area where this lollipop is improved is these lollipops are sturdier than the Lusty Lickers. Because Lusty Lickers are large, they would often arrive broken. Since these ones are smaller they have much less breakage.
Penis Pacifier Ring Pop
Penis Pacifier Ring Pop

The Penis Pacifier Pops allow you to lick at your leisure. The fruit-flavored penis sucker sits on top of a ring, mounted for easy sucking access. The sucker itself is a little over one inch tall. The Pecker Pacifier Pops come in wild colors and flavors. You may receive sweet lime, yummy orange, wild cherry or succulent strawberry. Put the penis pacifiers in your pinata or loot bags. Your bachelorette party guests will love them!
Rainbow Penis Ringpop
Rainbow Pecker Ring Pop

The Rainbow Pecker Ring Pop is the perfect treat to take out of your arsenal when you need the girls to quiet down. The Rainbow Pecker Ring Pop are big penis-shaped lollipops that all your bachelorette party guests can wear on their fingers throughout the party. Every bachelorette party needs a penis lollipop, and this a great one to choose! Get a Rainbow Pecker Ring Pop for each one of your guests.
Lusty Lickers Pecker Lollipop
Lusty Lickers Pecker Ring Pop

Lusty Lickers are part pacifier, part lollipop, and completely shaped like a penis. This penis sucker is so popular, that it isn't funny. The Lusty Lickers Penis Pop comes in a variety of flavors and colors. Everyone loves them. We offer a volume pricing discount so that you can buy one for every guest.

It shouldn't be hard to figure out that this site is sponsored by They provided me a large quantity of penis lollipops to review and they pay me when I send a sale their way. I hope that if you are planning a bachelorette party you will shop there.