succulent willy pecker sucker

Succulent Willy Penis Pop

If you're looking for a Penis Sucker that is realistic looking in shape and color, go for the Succulent Willy Pecker Lollipop. Not only is is tasty, but the sucker part is 3 inches long so it will last quite awhile!

99 cent penis sucker
99 Cent Penis Sucker

The 99 Cent Penis Pops taste and look great. You can hand them out as party favors, use them to decorate cakes or wrap them up in a bow on a gift. However you choose to use them, the 99 Cent Penis Pops look and taste awesome. These are the perfect pop to purchase if you have a lot of mouths to fill.
rainbow pecker lollipop
Rainbow Pecker Lollipop

If you realize how ridiculous it is for a lollipop to be shaped like a penis, the Rainbow Penis Lollipop is for you. It's not made for realism but rather it's a lollipop that creates easy laughs. It is a four inch spiral of flavor and color that could only pass as realistic in psychedelic eras.
Pecker Pals Penis Sucker
Pecker Pals Sucker

The Candy Pecker Palz Suckers have their arms outstretched to give your tongue a big hug! These tasty suckers are a little different than the others. The Candy Pecker Palz have a basic penis shape, but have arms and a cute little face. This makes them a lot cuter and friendlier than other penis suckers we've seen. You can put one with each place setting if you're serving food, or you can place them in loot bags or a pinata for your guests to take home.
Pecker Lollipop Bouquet
Pecker Lollipop Bouquet

The Penis Candy Bouquet is a colorful addition to any present—just wrap the present and use the bouquet in place of bow. This Penis Candy Bouquet will also look great displayed in the middle of centerpieces. The multi-colored candy penises poke out from the ends of sticks and are wrapped just like a bouquet of flowers. Each bouquet contains 6 pops.
All Day Penis Sucker
All Day Pecker Lollipop

The All Day Sucker comes in a great shape, is a good size, and the price is phenomenal. This Penis Pop weighs 1 ounce, which makes it even larger than a ring pop and equal in size to the popular Lusty Licker Pop. So, with proper care this product could live up to its name. Of course, you know your girlfriends are suction machines, so theirs won't last more than a couple of hours.
giant rainbow pecker lollipop
Giant Rainbow Pecker Lollipop

The Giant Rainbow Penis Pop is the size of a real penis, but it looks a lot cooler. It is 6 inches long and almost 2 inches across. How many licks does it take to consume a Giant Rainbow Penis Pop? We're guessing a few million. Everyone will notice this giant penis sucker. It's perfect for bachelorette parties, especially those that are gay friendly.
Jolly Pecker Lollipop
Jolly Pecker Lollipops

When you told her you'd get her some hard candy for her bachelorette party, she probably wasn't thinking about hard penis candy. That's okay, because a Jolly Pecker Pop is always a pleasant surprise. Your bachelorette will love sucking on it all night at her party.
Amazing Pecker Lollipop
The Amazing Penis Sucker

The Amazing Penis Sucker is quite tasty and really adorable. Despite the photograph, this lollipop is not as overwhelmingly huge as some of the other suckers we sell, which is good because some women can't commit to such a long-lasting snack experience.


The Lollicock Pecker Lollipop is pretty HUGE. It's 6 inches of sucker (13 inches with the stick!) and weighs almost an entire pound! The surface is slightly veiny and realistic and the stick is wooden to support all that weight. sells the watermelon flavor because it is by far the best tasting. If you want a penis sucker that will draw attention and be a hilarious gift, I highly recommend the Lollicock.

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