My name is Stephanie. I did this website as a way to partner with Bachelorette.com and earn some additional funds. If you have a website or want to make money by creating a website, it is a fun way to earn some discretionary cash. I usually pick a business, do a product-review website and then get paid when people click from my site to theirs. It's a fairly simple way to make money, although it is also a very slow way to make money. Typically it takes over a year to pay for the labor I put into each site. I've been doing it for years now though, so I guess it is working out.

I typically don't write reviews of products I like very much, so if you think I can call a company and get free shoes or a kayak or something, it hasn't really worked out that way for me. Instead, I usually try to get something inexpensive and do a very thorough review of that. Vendors seems to like that method. Bachelorette.com has been pretty easy to work with, although I am a little bit tired of eating lollipops.

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It shouldn't be hard to figure out that this site is sponsored by Bachelorette.com. They provided me a large quantity of penis lollipops to review and they pay me when I send a sale their way. I hope that if you are planning a bachelorette party you will shop there.